Firstly, well done. Lovely theme.

I did find the icons annoying though. I am sure there are people out there who subscribe to every possible social network, but I do have a life. The icons are a manifestation of 6 possible social icons from Genericons – unfortunately they have been hard coded to their specific types, so twitter will not really enjoy having its image swapped with linkedin because the php is still looking for twitter – easy to fix (hint hint) but it did take me a while to find where to fix it.

But here is a workaround. First, make sure you are using an i-max child theme (essentially a copy that you can amend so it will not get overwritten by updates but will still inherit all the good stuff – plenty of tuts out there to help)

Whatever file manager tool you are using, from the root of the blog go to the RootOfBlog/wp-content/themes/i-max/inc directory and copy the file custom_functions.php to a different filename, say custom_functionsNew.php

next open the new file in your favourite IDE and find the function imax_social_icons ()

it’s a pretty simple job, traverse the array $services and create the HTML picking up the user stored links along the way. To amend:

 $services = array ('facebook','twitter','youtube','flickr','feed','instagram','googleplus');
 $services2 = array ('user','twitter','youtube','linkedin','feed','instagram','googleplus');

 $services3 = array ('Download my CV','mkbatman twitter','youtube','linkedin','feed','instagram','googleplus');

 $iix = -1;
 $socio_list .= '<ul class="social">';

 foreach ( $services as $service ) :

 $serviceX = $services2[$iix];
 $serviceX2 = $services3[$iix];

 $active[$service] = esc_url( get_theme_mod('itrans_social_'.$service, '#') );

 if ($active[$service]) { 

 $socio_list .= '<li><a href="'.$active[$service].'" title="'.$serviceX2.'" target="_blank"><i class="genericon socico genericon-'.$serviceX.'"></i></a></li>';




So, very quick explanation, the previous code traversed one array being used for everything, I have added two more arrays for the icon to be used and the title to be displayed. In the foreach loop I reference these into php variables and I have amended the line that creates the HTML to use the new icon and new title.

Simples !

Double check all looks good. Save. Turn off existing custom_functions.php by renaming it to OLD and rename new to replace it. Test and be ready to roll back.