User Experience
I offer full spectrum UX consultancy. Including concept workshops, user research (guerrilla, games, interviews), heuristics/expert analyses, IA, IxD, inceptions, journey mapping, tactical & strategic planning
Products and Services
Combining creativity, business analysis, technology, UX and project management skills to create tangible products end to end, across multiple touch points with a realistic strategic MVP timeline
Native Mobile Prototyping
I always prototype to the required fidelity, but my specialism lies in creating hifi mobile and tablet apps for user research testing/pilot; incorporating native mobile features like camera, GPS, voice, gestures

I’ve tried to include some of my more insightful work pieces and case studies, as well as some opinions on digital and UX. I’m a true hybrid consultant with full UX, management, creative and development skills, cultivated over 20 years of international multi-sector experience. I have always been a true advocate of design thinking, even before we started calling it that, using iterative prototyping to enable consensual¬†clarity of vision

The Power of prototyping – are you a Jedi?

UX Design, Wireframes, Prototypes

Agile + Waterfall + UCD = Wagile ?

UX Design, Wireframes, UCD, Agile

Bits and Bobs – An eclectic historical journey

UX Design, Usability, Wireframes, Prototypes

Rufus Leonard – and a tail of twenty four months

UX Design, Usability, Wireframes, Prototypes

Which? the magazine, the book, the site and the film

UX Design, Usability, Wireframes, Prototypes

Which? mortgage advisers – an MVP case study

UX Design, Usability, Wireframes, Prototypes

If I just happened to have a cupboard space just for my experience, I would add the following hats, UX Architect, Creative Technologist, Service Designer, Interaction Designer, Solutions Architect, BI Data Visualiser, Mathematician, Native Mobile Prototyping Specialist and Games Designer. But, to be honest, I would much prefer to be defined professionally by what I do rather than what I happen to get called.

Follow this link to see a very recent new concept product I completed utilising all of the above skills over a period of approximately 5 months. You can read more about the product on my CV.

And if all of that wasn’t too much, I can sweeten the pot. I can offer up a summary PDF of the new e-commerce Which? sign up project, Alternatively, you may want to see a bootstrap presentation of the Which? Mortgage project and my own UCD process.

Just in case you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please don’t be discouraged. Over the years I’ve completed a lot of projects for a lot of clients and sectors. So if you are looking for something¬†particular just ask and I will send you a link.