This application was one I wrote in Finland for a local artist originally, it’s a bit of a mish-mash but there are quite a few elements worthy of mention, including: A gallery with no database, a bespoke video player, a media thumbnail generator with a wild colour wheel and bundled with options.

The artist in question had limited software, no IT experience per se and a need to put up lots of images to a gallery on a site with no database. How, I wondered do we give a novice the ability to do this?

There are several options, one would be to use an XML file and provide a backend tool to manage said file with insert/update/delete capabilities. This is of course, quite a lot of work. So, the lazy options was to just use directory mapping with PHP.

Literally all the system does is look in the images folder and counts all the images with “_thumbnail” in the file name. These are the thumbs displayed on the gallery and they all have associated image/video/animation main files. Click the thumb and the main file loads as either image (scaled) or video in player or animation in player. Images without thumbnails are considered to be in draft mode and are not displayed on the gallery.

What the administration package does is provide an upload facility, an edit image facility as well as the wonderful thumbnail generator. Upload is quite obvious, click upload and select the image. After upload is complete it takes you to the Thumbnail generator.

Edit mode switched to on means in the gallery if you click on a thumbnail it will bring up a screen to manage that image and its thumbnail.

And finally the good stuff – the Thumbnail Generator …. TADA!

First the image directory is trawled with PHP looking for unmatched images, ie no thumbnail, these are placed in the queue. The first file in the queue is placed in the player area. We have:

  • Image scaler with slidey slider
  • Option to create thumbnail (THB) of any size
  • A rather unique colour wheel to provide a background for the THB
  • Option to load the THB in a new browser tab
  • Option to send the link to the THB in an SMS
  • Preview of THB
  • Send email with link option
  • If the media is a video file, the vid player is active with play/pause, scale and scrubber for seek.

All in all quite a nice application, if I do say so myself/

Have a go with the administration options on this demo, feel free to upload and play