Love ’em, hate ’em, you know you can’t get along in this world without them. And truth be told I think I have been very lucky in my career so far. Of course you get the occasional spat , we are all people at the end of the day, but effective communication and really listening to issues with a positive tone and a solution oriented approach can make all the difference. Everyone gets frustrated and unless you are are sitting on that big chair in the sky, there’s always going to be someone with the ability to dump a whole boatload of stress on your shoulders. This selection of major clients represents at least one significant digital endeavour.

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MK clientMK clientPresentation tool (2010-UK)MK clientMK clientWeb app (2008-FIN)MK clientMK clientEvent Management (2005-UK)MK clientMK clientResponsive Sitecore (2011-UK)MK clientMK clientE-Learning tool (2011-UK)MK clientMK clientLegal Contracts tool (2006-UK)MK clientMK clientStrategy + webbuild (1998-USA)MK clientMK clientBanking (2001-DEN)MK clientMK clientLogistics KPI (1995-UK)MK clientMK clientSocial Webbuild(2012-UK)MK clientMK clientDomino Troubleshoot (1998-FIN)MK clientMK clientIT Audit (1997-UK)MK clientMK clientPharma (2010-UK)MK clientMK clientEnterprise Software (1997-GER)MK clientMK clientSnr Consultant (1998/4Y)
MK clientMK clientSnr Consultant (1995/2Y)MK clientMK clientPromotions tool (1996-UK)MK clientMK clientVOD (2004-ISRAEL)MK clientMK clientSnr Consultant(2003/7Y)MK clientMK clientGame (2007-FIN)MK clientMK clientSlimming (2008-FIN)MK clientMK clientGlobal HR/Logistics (1998-FIN)MK clientMK clientE-Learning (2010-UK)MK clientMK clientDomino consultant (1993-UK)MK clientMK clientUX/Technical Architect (2012-UK)MK clientMK clientPharma (2011-UK)MK clientMK clientMusic Festival (2003-FIN)MK clientMK clientPrototyper (2011-UK)MK clientMK clientPitch Prototypes (2011-UK)MK clientMK clientWeb build (2013-UK)
MK clientMK clientWeb app (2014-UK)MK clientMK clientGlobal Software (1996-GER)MK clientMK clientGlobal Software (1996-GER)MK clientMK clientDigital Manager (2010-UK)MK clientMK clientLogistics (2008-FIN)MK clientMK clientGame (2007-FIN)MK clientMK clientTransportation (2014-UK)MK clientMK clientResponsive Web (2014-UK)MK clientMK clientGame (2005-FIN)MK clientMK clientWebsite Build (2004-FIN)MK clientMK clientIntranet tools (1995-UK)MK clientMK clientLogistics (1996-UK)MK clientMK clientSector 3 full UX (2012)

if you can’t find yourself on the list, please don’t take it personally, I had to pick and choose. As far as sectors are concerned, well, there are a lot. Almost all from some lists I have found. Technically the client list started off as a moo-tools creation, then I had to throw that in the bin as moo-tools doesn’t like tablets. In the end I went for greensock on the drag and slide and the rest is all just css3 animations. I did add some code for viewport visibility, so the client rows have a small intro animation fade in and up when they enter the viewport which is rather nice, even if I do say so.